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• No subscriptions, no coupons, nothing to pre-pay, no points to redeem later. Free to use! Simply find your OOjEE Hour and book it!
• Everything in one place! Eat at your favorite restaurants or explore someplace new!
• Every time you use OOjEE, you are supporting the community by helping to reduce food waste and feed people.

Why OOjEE?

We give you immediate savings when you eat during OOjEE hours!! Straight-up and in-your-pocket. Same great places, same great food, same great experience - just a lot less expensive!

And every time you use OOjEE, we donate directly to programs that help feed the hungry in our community. OOjEE connects the dots: restaurants + people + community. Welcome to Good!

I love to eat out! Before OOjEE, would be about two or three times per week. Now, I can do so much more! I definitely recommend OOjEE for those who love to try everything, but have to choose wisely.
I use OOjEE to be able to find all the good deals in one place. I used to sign up for each place’s mailing list, to be aware of specials and new offers for my family, but OOjEE has been a game-changer! Now I don’t get my inbox bombarded with tons of promotions. It’s so easy!
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Did You know?

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In the US, there are 50 million people who don’t have access to enough food. That’s 1:6 people.

Hunger is much more than homelessness; in Miami alone, there are 300,000 people who don’t know where their next meal will come from. Many are children.
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Food waste is real, too.

In the US, over 40% of food produced is never eaten - it’s thrown away. (That amounts to about 400 lbs of food per person, annually!) And 85% of restaurant food that is not used is thrown away.
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Food waste is second only to paper as the nation’s top source of waste.

And once in landfills, decomposing food emits powerful and dangerous methane gas - the #3 source of global warming.
OOjEEShare connects the dots, collecting excess, edible food from our partners and
feeding people in our community.
Don’t underestimate the power you have, as an individual. In how and where you spend your
money, how you buy and how you contribute.

We really can have a positive impact on our communities and the environment.

What's Happening?

Who We Are

Easy - we’re foodies! We love the culture of food, and we also love to save money! (Because really, who doesn’t?) Whether with family, with friends old or new, by ourselves or just celebrating life itself, food inspires good things.

Mitch, our very own guy Behind-The-Lens, said it perfectly: Good food is as fascinating and as satisfying as the people it feeds. Food can take us on trips where we may never travel. Or, perhaps, back to where we have traveled! It allows us to experience so many cultures, including our own.

Welcome to OOjEE!
Karen, Missy, Keith, Andrea, Laura and Mitch

Welcome to OOjEE!

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